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US-7199558-B2: AC-DC adapter interface and battery charger having high speed battery charger current foldback when adapter current demand exceeds prescribed limit patent, US-7270067-B2: Wheel-controlled sails patent, US-7372046-B2: Radiation image conversion panel patent, US-7681465-B2: Method to protect the integrity of small analytical samples patent, US-7696640-B2: Power over Ethernet power sourcing equipment architecture for variable maximum power delivery patent, US-8143537-B2: Keyboard patent, US-8269036-B2: Processes for producing an oxalate by coupling of CO patent, US-8351248-B1: CMOS SRAM memory cell with improved N/P current ratio patent, US-8475702-B2: Imprint device and imprint method patent, US-6748003-B1: Intracavity semiconductor lens for optoelectronic devices patent, US-6796284-B1: Single revolution cam engine patent, US-7014147-B2: Anti hijacking system patent, US-7119232-B2: Nucleophilic substitution reactions of difluorormethyl phenyl sulfone with alkyl halides leading to the facile synthesis of terminal 1,1-difluoro-1-alkenes and difluoromethylalkanes patent, US-7225683-B2: Composition pulse time-of-flight mass flow sensor patent, US-7512112-B2: Method and apparatus of controlling a reset procedure in a wireless communication system patent, US-7535128-B2: Temperature detector patent, US-7702906-B1: Securing kernel metadata communication in environments employing distributed software services patent, US-7796859-B2: DVD reproducing apparatus patent, US-7971870-B2: Medium feeding unit and image forming apparatus having the same patent, US-8073727-B2: System and method for hierarchical weighting of model parameters patent, US-8241056-B2: RJ-45 connector patent, US-8249918-B1: Context based content adjacency filtering patent, US-8301303-B2: Robot and method of controlling the same patent, US-8483977-B1: Method of laser vibration defect analysis patent, US-8554120-B2: Image forming apparatus and computer readable medium storing program patent, US-6740073-B1: Guiding catheter reinforcement with angled distal end patent, US-6764490-B1: Surgical treatment tool for creating a recess in a cartilage and/or bone tissue for a joint prosthesis patent, US-6870607-B1: Method and apparatus for analyzing information from sensors provided over multiple optical waveguides patent, US-7225680-B2: Differential pressure gauge for filter patent, US-7639127-B2: Method for determining the position of devices in a hazard detection system patent, US-7683206-B2: Silicone compound and process for producing the same patent, US-7800764-B2: Method and apparatus for reducing fringe interference of light patent, US-8214109-B2: Seat control electronic system and method for a motor-driven motor vehicle adjusting device patent, US-8291438-B2: Printing for virtualized applications patent, US-8299845-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-8326164-B2: Charging voltage control method of image forming apparatus using constant voltage control and image forming apparatus thereof patent, US-8535706-B2: Bone implant patent, US-8559866-B1: Methods and systems for selecting internet radio program break content using mobile device location patent, US-6943734-B2: Multi-band omni directional antenna patent, US-7221884-B2: Image forming apparatus and method of controlling apparatus having control sections for permitting use of different functions patent, US-7642679-B2: Drive unit for hand-held power tool patent, US-7664941-B2: Branch prediction methods and devices capable of predicting first taken branch instruction within plurality of fetched instructions patent, US-7678394-B2: Analytical methods for identifying ginseng varieties patent, US-8214420-B2: Method and device for digitizing an analogical signal patent, US-8234497-B2: Method and apparatus for providing secure linking to a user identity in a digital rights management system patent, US-8241638-B2: Induction of an immune response against dengue virus using the prime-boost approach patent, US-8323605-B2: Process for the manufacture of P4O6 patent, US-8330946-B2: Silicon filter for photoluminescence metrology patent, US-8340063-B2: Wireless communication device and computer program patent, US-8578129-B2: Infrastructure support for accelerated processing device memory paging without operating system integration patent, US-6756193-B2: Heat-developable image-recording material and method for forming image by heat development using same patent, US-7073455-B2: Auxiliary table attachable to free arm of sewing machine patent, US-7165822-B2: Fire protection cabinet assembly patent, US-7201591-B2: Lever-type connector patent, US-7249819-B2: Apparatus and methods of detecting relative position of RF signature on print media patent, US-7261605-B2: Trolling device patent, US-7377611-B2: Ink jet printing apparatus and preliminary ejecting method patent, US-7448289-B1: Manual transmission patent, US-7667442-B2: Constant voltage power supply circuit and method of testing the same patent, US-7710136-B2: Intergrated circuit self-test architecture patent, US-7865681-B2: Method of mirroring data between clustered NAS systems patent, US-7980199-B2: Containment apparatus for containing gestating sows patent, US-8006147-B2: Error detection in precharged logic patent, US-8078049-B2: Imaging apparatus patent, US-8180690-B2: System and method for interacting with item catalogs patent, US-8301932-B2: Synchronising between clock domains patent, US-8470794-B2: Increasing erythropoietin using nucleic acids hybridizable to micro-RNA and precursors thereof patent, US-8518071-B2: Driving device for a device for the local puncturing of a skin and a method for operating the driving device patent, US-6761081-B2: Shifting device for shifting between different operating states of a motor vehicle transmission patent, US-6839083-B2: Monitoring device for security in automatic teller machine patent, US-6969859-B2: Radiation detecting system patent, US-7071351-B2: Synthesis of alkylaminoalkyl (meth)acrylate by transesterification patent, US-7081952-B2: Method and apparatus for obtaining an image using a selective combination of wavelengths of light patent, US-7194163-B2: Multi-layered structure characterization patent, US-7261625-B2: Polishing pad patent, US-7367187-B2: Electrically actuated brake booster patent, US-7395176-B2: Memory controller for controlling a refresh cycle of a memory and a method thereof patent, US-7400675-B2: System and method for digital adaptive equalization with failure detection and recovery patent, US-7501637-B2: Method and system for detecting explosives patent, US-7679211-B2: Electrical disconnect system patent, US-7721668-B2: Flexible fluid containment vessel patent, US-7855366-B2: Bipolar junction transistor-based uncooled infrared sensor and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-7907617-B2: Method and system for programmable bandwidth allocation patent, US-7922736-B2: Stepped microkeratome blade holder patent, US-7934413-B2: Flowmeter calibration system and operational method patent, US-7935291-B2: Method for producing molded plastic parts having functional surfaces patent, US-8037053-B2: System and method for generating an online summary of a collection of documents patent, US-8157506-B2: Device for supplying ventilation air to the low pressure blades of a gas turbine engine patent, US-8250028-B2: Method for coordinating updates to database and in-memory cache patent, US-8271286-B2: Platform for enabling voice commands to resolve phoneme based domain name registrations patent, US-8276817-B2: Information media processing device patent, US-8328629-B2: Reconciling payback percentage of a gaming device with transferable return patent, US-8483837-B2: Selectable filters for a visual prosthesis patent, US-8504051-B2: Method, system and device for instructing transmission of preamble and for transmitting preamble patent, US-8576533-B2: Discharge gap device and power supply device patent, US-7147482-B1: Two-point contact type socket patent, US-7475763-B2: One-way clutches patent, US-7621578-B2: Open-bed utility trailer convertible to a closed utility trailer by the addition of a closed cargo box patent, US-7656637-B2: Power control system pseudo power-up, aircraft including the power control system and method of controlling power in an aircraft patent, US-7669463-B2: Determining the fuel consumption of an internal combustion engine patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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